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I have a really good nose! Sure, there's various dead-animal location technology, such as FLIR heat-detection devices that can detect decaying bodies (which are warmer) or corpse-sniffing dogs, but these things aren't always helpful. A lot of animals die in attics, where a dog doesn't help, or ductwork or other places where you can't see heat. The best technology is my nose and my experience! My nose is so good that I can usually detect the species of animal just by the smell! I know animal behavior and architecture so well that I have an excellent instinct about where the carcass lies.

The presence of the animal carcass in your property is more than just a nuisance; it can potentially be life-threatening. Wildlife removal is already a tricky business; you will find dead animal removal time-consuming, messy, dangerous, and costly if you do it yourself. With us, we can make sure that we will do it correctly the first time. We will not waste your precious time and money and ensure that you are safe from any health risks. WE have been providing solutions to this problem for more than ten years. Our people have the experience to pinpoint the exact location of the body. We will be ready to go through the cramped spaces in your house and use tools to extract the carcass in the inaccessible areas of your house. We will then place the dead creature in a secured container and transport it to our incineration facility. We will then decontaminate and sanitize your place and use ozone air cleaners or antibacterial sprays to eliminate the nauseating scent. We will make sure that all body fluids or decayed parts will be removed. We also conduct remediation for any damaged part of your house and modification for preventive measures. No other company can offer you these comprehensive services.